FAO system is coming


In June 2019, at the 63rd world public transport exhibition, Zhuzhou Institute Times Electric released the ETCS signal system to the world.

Today (October 21, 2020), at the 2020 Beijing International Metro Transit Exhibition, CRRC Zhuzhou Institute for the first time released its own FAO (fully automatic operation system) signal system, which marks that CRRC has officially entered the "fully automatic" era of urban rail transit, and could provide more comprehensive urban rail transit signal system solutions for the world.

FAO signal system is the abbreviation of fully automatic operation, which is the key equipment to control train operation, ensure traffic safety, improve transport efficiency, transmit traffic information and improve the labor intensity of train operators. It is the "spiritual center" of train, which is widely used in urban rail transit, medium and low speed maglev and urban line vehicles.

FAO signal system can be said to be the upgraded version of CBTC (Communication Based Train Control System) signal system. On the basis of CBTC, it has added more than 20 functions, including train sleep wake-up, dynamic and static self-test, obstacle / derailment protection, remote reset, etc., and has upgraded about 10 functions, supporting smooth transition from traditional CBTC operation application mode to The application mode of fully automatic operation and operation has high automation and deep integration, sufficient redundancy configuration, perfect security protection, rich control center functions, and is fully compatible with conventional CBTC.

Compared with the existing signal system, what are the advantages of FAO signal system?

1. Enhance the flexibility of train operation organization;

2. Improve transport capacity and overall automation level;

3. Reduce the labor intensity of operators;

4. Energy saving and emission reduction.

What are the characteristics of FAO signal system?

1. Intelligent and efficient

It supports automatic operation mode and manned driving mode, supports network operation, improves operation reliability, reduces operation and maintenance cost, and is more intelligent, efficient, safe and reliable.

2. Safe and reliable

Integrated management is adopted for depot and main line to provide better protection for operators and passengers; obstacle detection and other measures are added to realize multi system linkage in case of emergency; AOM adopts low power design, which can support system dormancy for 7 days, and provides battery undervoltage monitoring and alarm functions, and the system availability is as high as 99.9996%.

3. Fusion control

Give full play to the integration advantages of train control system, realize the optimal control through the integrated control of ATO and traction, network and braking systems; reduce the delay, improve the execution efficiency of commands, and improve the comfort of passengers.

4. Energy saving and consumption reduction

The train operation curve is planned based on traction transmission efficiency to reduce transmission link loss and realize single vehicle energy saving; coordinated control of trains in each power supply zone can improve the utilization rate of renewable energy, realize multi vehicle coordinated energy saving, and achieve better energy saving and consumption reduction.

5. Resource sharing based on Urban Rail cloud platform

With the integrated design of signal, traction and braking, the system has the advantages of lower delay, faster response, better control, and more precision, and realizes high automation and deep integration, comprehensive energy saving optimization, to improve the driving service quality.

"Under the background of the state's strong support for the" new infrastructure ", the development of intelligent systems and the construction of smart urban rail transit have become a new trend in the development of urban rail transit, and the prospect is very broad." Shang Jing, general manager of Time Electric, said that as a leader in the research and development field of China's rail transit core equipment, CRRC Zhuzhou Institute started the urban rail driverless system technology research project in 2017. After several years of tackling key problems, the independent FAO system has made new technological breakthroughs, becoming the only Chinese enterprise to participate in the development of FAO international standard IEC62290.

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