Amazing "black technology"! TEC’s "rail-fireflies" first light up Australia!


Recently, Sydney metro propulsion locomotives loaded with traction system, auxiliary system and network control system of #Zhuzhou CRRC Times Electric Co., Ltd. (TEC) have been checked and accepted by Sydney customers, and shipped to Sydney. It marks the first time that Chinese battery propulsion locomotives enter the Australian market.


The ONE owns these "black technologies"

The project adopts dual control power supply and dual DCU control system to improve the redundancy of traction system. The auxiliary convertors integrate the function of traction batteries charger, by using four-quadrant boost chopper mode, the 3AC380V power in the barn is raised to 1100V to charge the traction batteries, which improves the convenience and safety of locomotive charging in the barn.
Besides, this project adopts the double power traction of battery & electric power, which is very demanding to the product process requirements, fire protection performance and identification requirements. According to the contract requirements, the products must meet or exceed European standards and be certified by the European Union EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility). Such high requirements are usually reflected in the manufacturing standards of high-speed railway and passenger locomotives, which are rare in metro engineering products.

After more than one month's test in Beijing ring railway, the propulsion locomotives pass the acceptance check of Sydney customer successfully, and all the indicators meet the requirements of contract.


Sydney metro propulsion locomotive :: Zhuzhou CRRC Times Electric Co., Ltd.


Beat zillions of opponents! Why so strong?

Metro propulsion locomotives are mainly used for the shunting operation of metro vehicles in the maintenance area, the transportation of goods during line construction, and the rescue work of metro vehicles.
Among them, the traction system, auxiliary system and network control system are the most critical core components of the whole vehicle, with high technical content and great difficulty. Our products occupy more than 90% of the market in this field.




Dual-power supply system: Battery propulsion locomotives use traction batteries & electric supply system. Energy-saving, environmental protection, and easy maintenance.
Electric drive system: The most advanced electric drive system is adopted, including direct torque control technology, MVB network control technology and low constant speed control technology.

 These "black technologies" have greatly improved the technical level of the whole vehicle, with good performance indicators and humanized design concept. These also have a well-developed fault diagnosis system, which is convenient for dealing with on-site problems.


We also have unique skills to be the selected "locomotives "

Our strength is excellent. We have cooperated with CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CRRC ZELC) to complete the R&D of many overseas projects, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and so on. TEC has won high recognition from domestic and overseas customers for its excellent product quality and relatively complete service guarantee system.
The project is a project operated by the Mass Transit Railway for external workings. Previously, CRRC ZELC provided 4 products of this type to MTR, and these run well until now. Because of good performance in overseas projects and mature application in more than 20 large & medium-sized cities in China, the Sydney customer selects our products.


Sydney shuntung locomotive :: Zhuzhou CRRC Times Electric Co., Ltd.


Our products have been used well. Our similar electrical products are well recognized in the international market. At present, we have delivered 32 Singapore Metro engineering vehicles, 4 Hong Kong Metro engineering vehicles, and 2 Malaysia metro engineering vehicles will be expected to be delivered by the end of 2019.

In 2016, the Austrian supercapacitor plus battery shunting locomotives were also adopted these products, completed a series of circuit experiments, and participated in the Berlin InnoTrans 2016, became the star exhibition products, indicating that the products have been highly recognized by the developed countries in Europe.

This time, our battery electric metro engineering vehicles successfully enter the Australian market, greatly enhance the company's products influence in the international rail transport field, and lay a good foundation for further cooperation in overseas market projects.

With the rapid development of TEC, predictably, in the future there will be more and more star products coming out of the country and heading for the world!

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