Graced the China Wind Energy Exhibition!




On October 17th, the 7-12WM marine medium pressure full power wind power converter which is independently developed by our company was unveiled at the 11th China Wind Energy Exhibition  which received critical acclaim from experts and representatives of wind power industry at home and abroad.

At the exhibition, the keynote speech on “Optimization scheme on multimode doubly fed induction generator (DFIG) converter” attracted the great interest of many professionals and industry elites.

The  main products on this exhibition are wind power converters, including 2.0MW-3.x MW wind power converter on land and 7-12WM marine wind power converter, among which the 7-12WM marine full power wind power converter is based on our company's mature control platform of the wind power and the advanced IGCT three-level converter module platform.

7-12WM  marine  wind power converter

Looks  simple?

Big size, but it owns powerful energy.

Every predomination  of  its  makes the other marine  wind power converters tremble!

1.   More efficient

Compared with lower pressure scheme, the system comprehensive efficiency that is 1.5% higher than before. The advantages of less  cable, convenient construction make all maintenance works can be done without large scale tooling equipments.

2.   More friendly:

Fully meet the requirements of the power grid for high and low passing through, grid side anti-interference, static var compensator, etc. Compact volume makes easy to arrange and maintain, thus supporting super long life cycle system.

3     More reliable:

The second manufacturer in the world to master IGCT technology; Nine years of development experience of IGCT converter ; Field application experience of 21 sets of IGCT converter for four years; High protection design for the marine environment

4  More intelligent:

Based on the Expert self-diagnosis system of CSR Drive, multi-object control and data monitoring can be achieved in real time. It also advantages of storage of fault data, friendly man-machine interface, and supports remote intelligent operation and maintenance functions.

The exhibition of marine medium pressure full power wind power converter makes it win high praise from customers such as domestic and overseas manufacturers of marine machinery, Shanghai Electric Machinery, Envision Energy and others for its superior control performance and reliability. The multimode doubly fed wind power converter also got praises.

Multimode doubly fed wind power converter

Compared with the traditional doubly fed wind power converter, the multimode doubly fed wind power converter adopts a simple and efficient system solution and a more advanced and intelligent control  algorithm to get a better changing-over and adjustment of various control modes, thus helping the whole machine to capture the wind energy efficiency increased by 3-6% and reducing whole machine power cost.


The moment the product was launched, it won a high degree of recognition and enthusiastic response from its important domestic customers, such as Yunda Wind Power, Sany Heavy Energy, Huayi Wind Energy, Taizhong Wind Power, Envision Energy and Mingyang Wind Power, which lays a solid foundation for future marketing and order acquisition.

The wind power converter research and development team of CRRC Times Electric

The wind power converter research and development team of CRRC Times Electric has worked hard strived for ten years. They always stick to the principal of open, win-win and cooperation, they regard clients’ need as their own need to provide customers with the best intelligence , digitized converter system solutions.

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