TEC Wows in Rail Transit Industry Expo 2018


The 2018 China (Hunan) International Rail Transit Industry Expo was held in Changsha from November 15 to 17. On the first day, Academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering Fu Zhihuan, Sun Yongfu, Liu Youmei and Ding Rongjun attended the opening session. Qiu Jixing, Vice Mayor of Changsha City, presided over the opening session. The theme of the Expo was "Rail Transit, changing the World". Nearly 200 leading rail transit enterprises, such as #CRRC Corporation Limited and China Railway Signal & Communication Corporation (CRSC) took part in exhibition, which covers the achievements of China’s rail transit industry, the construction and maintenance of railway & urban rail transit infrastructure, mobile equipment such as vehicles, power supply system and testing and maintenance equipment, communication signal equipment and intelligent control technology, safety monitoring and testing technology, as well as new technologies, new materials, new equipments and other contents of whole rail transit industry chain.

2018 China (Hunan) International Rail Transit Industry Expo


Showing Technology, shining Card

As a pioneer of China's electrified railway industry, China Railway Times Electric has long been committed to the research and industrialization of traction drive & control systems known as the "heart" and "brain" of trains. It is a high-end equipment enterprise supporting the "Going Global" strategy of China's high-speed railway. On the Expo, permanent magnet traction system, vehicle intelligent operation & maintenance, LCU-integrated network system control platform, urban rail transit pantograph and catenary detection system, DGMC-16S rail grinding vehicle, DGTC-80 rail flaw detection vehicle, fully autonomous CBTC signal system, LKJ-15C train operation monitoring system, subway engineering vehicle safety protection system and operation & maintenance support system appeared one by one, which attracted a large number of domestic and foreign visitors. The presence has been recognized and affirmed by professional exhibitors, which has enhanced the company's visibility and influence in the field of urban rail transit.


Talking Innovation, taking Development

In addition to the display of all kinds of rail transit products, at the same time the Expo also held a high-level forum on the development mode of urban rail transit, "Belt and Road" rail transit enterprises meeting and several professional seminars. Academicians and experts related to rail transit put forward opinions and suggestions on the development of rail transit in China in the future around the theme of "rail transit development mode".



Fu Zhihuan, former Minister of Railway and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, delivered speech around the theme of "Thoughts on Transportation Development in China". He suggested strengthening the development of transportation integration, greening, intellectualization and sharing, and paying attention to the profound changes in infrastructure, energy power, technology and equipment, operation management and service mode brought about by these development trends. “Focusing on these trends, as a key breakthrough point of innovation and development in the field of transportation, is conducive to grasping the 'bullnose' of traffic power.”

Wen Zheng, the head of Times Electric Data & Intelligent Technology Center, gave a comprehensive introduction to FORESEE, an intelligent operation and maintenance platform independently developed by Times Electric, with the theme of "Intelligent Operation and Maintenance System for Urban Rail Transit Vehicles". From the system framework and platform function application, to the current application of the system, and from the user use to self-development, he comprehensively analyzed the advantages and development prospects of this system.

In order to respond to the "Belt and Road" Initiative, the rail Expo will enhance the level of rail transit equipment manufacturing in Hunan and even the whole country, and promote the " Going Global " of China's rail transit industry. As one of the representatives of China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry, times electric will strive to carry out the great responsibility of revitalizing the rail transit equipment manufacturing industry, devote itself to the development and growth of China's high-end equipment industry, and jointly shines our "high-speed rail gold business card".

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