Dual-flow Traction System boost European Market


Recently, Times Electric dual-flow high integrated traction system has been developed successfully, and the combined commissioning has been completed. The performance meets the requirements of the indicators. It is being produced in small batches and will be loaded into the European Czech Intercity Motor Vehicle.

This project is the first time to apply AC25kV and DC3000V dual-current system in European EMU market. It integrates traction, auxiliary converter, DC110V charger, DC24V power supply and no-fire return unit. At the same time, it designs the main circuit topology independently to realize rescue output of other vehicles under DC power supply mode. Multifunctional and highly integrated traction system has strict requirements on the volume and weight of converter. Through the continuous efforts of designers, various electrical parameters are optimized. For example, using no secondary resonance circuit, the selection of support capacitor just meets the control requirements of intermediate voltage ripple (+5%) and the LC filter of auxiliary transformer output adopts the minimum weight inductance-capacitance ratio. At the same time, the overall structure will reduce weight to achieve details, and ultimately successfully develop products beyond customer targets.

The biggest difference between Czech inter-city track and Chinese inter-city track is that there is no trench for maintenance. Therefore, under general conditions, the converter can only be maintained from both sides, which puts forward higher requirements for the overall reliability and maintainability of the converter. The self-developed dual-flow and highly integrated traction system has been successfully recognized by customers, and has provided a boost for further developing the European motor vehicle market.

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