First-stage project of Changsha Metro L4 passed trial operation evaluation


Construction of Changsha Metro Line 4 started at the end of December 2014 and completed in December 2018. With a total length of 33.5 kilometers and 25 stations, the line is another backbone line of urban rail transit opened in Changsha after Metro Line 2, Line 1 and Maglev Express Line.

From April 26 to 29, a four-day expert review meeting on the basic conditions of trial operation of the first phase of Line 4 was held in Changsha. 19 experts from Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Wuhan and Hangzhou were invited to form an expert group to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the basic conditions for the trial operation of the first phase of Line 4.

After data review, on-site survey, listening to reports and on-site testing, the expert group reached unanimous evaluation opinions on the operation status of the signal system of Line 4. The technical indicators of the signal system provided by Zhuzhou CRRC Times Electric all meet the requirements of the industry standard, and the test results meet the expectations: 1. The structure and functions of the signal system are all up to the standard. The signal system runs smoothly and parks accurately. The linkage with the platform door and the switching between the center and the station control all meet the standard requirements. 2. The test results of the signal system travel speed, tracking ability and turn-back time are good. 3. The discount operation ability of the signal system meets the requirements of the industry, and the lateral turnout speed is 29 km, which achieves the industry's first echelon level.


Times Electric has provided the traction system for the project as well as the mechanical and electrical systems including CBTC signal system with full independent intellectual property rights, power supply system, platform doors and railway engineering vehicles and so on.


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