Times Electric Held SigThemis System Global Release Conference


On June 10th, at the 63rd Global Public Transport Summit (UITP 2019) held in Stockholm, Sweden, Zhuzhou CRRC Times Electric Co., Ltd. on behalf of CRRC Group held a press conference for the European standard ETCS signal system---SigThemis. It is reported that the conference is also the first global conference of CRRC Group on signal systems.

The signal industry of Zhuzhou CRRC Times Electric Co., Ltd. originated in the last century. After nearly 30 years of technology precipitation, the trunk signal system represented by LKJ has been maturely applied. The CBTC system with fully independent intellectual property rights has also been put into operation. At the same time, the technology of Automatic Freight driving and satellite positioning is being applied in many projects, and the urban rail automatic driverless and vehicle communication system is coming out. The advent of SigThemis signaling system shows that CRRC can provide more comprehensive signal system solutions for global customers.

Based on the ETCS system structure, the SigThemis signal system is fully compliant with the latest ETCS Baseline3 B3R2 standard and can fully support ETCS-NTC/0/1/2 level system applications. The system includes onboard EVC, ground RBC, ground KMC, ground CBI and ground CTC systems. The vehicle EVC system is suitable for a variety of models, supports B3 and B2 versions, supports PS and CS modes of GSM-R, supports offline and online key management functions, and has the characteristics of flexible application and wide applicability etc. It can not only meet the construction of new standard lines, but also be highly compatible with existing lines, with a high degree of interconnection and interoperability.

The ground-based RBC system has a TSI compliance of more than 90%, and provides many optional functional applications based on mandatory functions, including crossing management, collaborative shortening of traffic permit, LS/SH mode curves, and different speed limits for different types of vehicles, in order to improve the line operation efficiency. The RBC system can be configured as version B3 or B2, and it supports the interface of version B3 and B2 with different adjacent RBC systems, which greatly improves the ability of system engineering. The ground KMC system adopts technologies conforming to international information security standards to realize full lifecycle management of communication key generation, storage, distribution, and destruction. The ground CBI system has occupancy detection, access and protection zone control, signal proximity control, ETCS transponder message control and port interface management functions.

Q1:What is SigThemis?

SigThemis is composed of Sig and Themis. Sig is the abbreviation of "Signaling". In order to pronounce the compound word concisely, the first three letters of the word are taken. Themis is one of the twelve Titans in Greek mythology and the God of order& rules. The combination of the two parts expresses the aspiration and awe of the Signal Engineer of CRRC for signal safety and regular order.

Q2: What is ETCS?

Due to the variety of train operation control systems and the complexity and incompatibility of signal systems in various countries, in order to ensure the interoperability of high-speed trains in the European railway network, in December 1982, the European Conference of Ministers of Transport decided to find solutions to the technical problems in the interconnection of European continental railways. In 2001, the EU adopted legislation to establish ETCS as a mandatory technical norm. The main objectives of ETCS are: interoperability, safety and efficiency, cost reduction and market expansion. ETCS is widely recognized by European railway companies and suppliers.

The ground CTC system uses triple redundancy architecture to improve system reliability, with timetable compilation and online adjustment, train tracking, and customized user interface functions.

The SigThemis signal system has passed ISA security certification and TSI conformity certification (EVC has been certified by CB and CD mode, RBC has been certified by CH1 mode). So far, CRRC has become a signal manufacturer with the latest standard certification of both on-board and ground systems.

Q3: What is TSI?

TSI (Technical Specification for Interoperability) is a mandatory technical requirement formulated and implemented by the EU for railway products to ensure the compatibility and safe and reliable operation of railway trains in transnational transport within the EU. TSI certification is a compulsory certificate for any railway product entering EU countries. In the field of rail transit, EU standards are the reference source of most international standards. Obtaining the EU TSI certification not only obtains the entry permit for rail transit products into the EU market, but also obtains the authoritative permit for the international market. It is of great help for certified products to enter the EU and other international markets outside the EU.



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