First Extreme Thermal Environment Test of Intellectual Track in Qatar


Recently, the intellectual track manufactured by CRRC was tested in Qatar for extreme thermal environment. This is another challenge to the extreme environment after the intellectual track conducted extreme cold test in Harbin in January this year.

The test site is Qatar's existing transportation line, which has a mileage of 70 kilometers, exceeding the current domestic test distance. The main test points are power, flexibility, air conditioning performance, battery performance and energy consumption test under high temperature and humidity environment. The testing time is more than two weeks, and the whole process is supervised and tested by an independent third party.

According to field engineers, the temperature in Qatar was extremely high in July, with the test ambient temperature reaching up to 60℃ and the ground temperature soaring to 70℃. The average working temperature of vehicle equipments such as axles, air compressors and tyres is between 60 and 90℃, which has great influence on traction, battery endurance, refrigeration effect of air conditioning and braking performance of intelligent rail vehicles, and is very challenging. After careful technical analysis, the R&D team put forward a set of effective solutions, including enhancing the heat dissipation measures of mechanical steering device and air compressor, upgrading the heat management system of energy storage system, replacing high and low pressure wire harness and high temperature tyre, trackless guiding device, increasing heat dissipation system and replacing high temperature hydraulic pressure,adding protective cover and coating reflective layer to oil and roof.

In order to test the extreme environmental adaptability of the intelligent track, as early as January this year, the intelligent track went to Harbin to carry out a cold test for more than a month. Thirteen test items, such as dry pavement/snow pavement, no-load/loading, day/night, indoor air-conditioning or not, were carried out between minus 8℃ and minus 25℃ , involving low temperature environment and ice and snow pavement under different working conditions. The test results show that the intelligence track is fearless of severe cold and the indexes are good.

Since June 2017, the intellectual track has settled in Zhuzhou, Hunan Province, Yongxiu, Jiangxi Province and Yibin, Sichuan Province. More than 100 cities around the world have come to visit and discuss cooperation, including more than 20 overseas cities. With the deepening of cooperation between countries along the "one belt" road, the pace of development of overseas markets of intellectual track is accelerating. This Qatar trial run has made a better demonstration for the global promotion of intelligent rail.

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