CRRC Publishes Autonomous CBTC Signal System for the World


On July 25, CRRC Zhuzhou Institute CO., LTD. launched a fully autonomous CBTC (Communication-based Train Control) signal system at the Metro Trans Beijing Exhibition, with the model tSafer-UC1000.

With the accumulation of years of intensive cultivation in the field of rail transit, the layout of urban rail signaling industry, and the dedication of independent research and tackling key problems, with the high attention and guidance of leaders at all levels of CRRC, the key technology research and demonstration application projects of urban rail transit signaling system have been included in the major special projects of CRRC science and technology research and development plan.

Autonomous CBTC signal system includes ATP (automatic train protection), ATS (automatic train supervision), ATO (automatic train driving), CBI (computer interlocking) four core subsystems, which have achieved "double breakthroughs" in technology and market.

It indicates that CRRC could provide global users with comprehensive solutions for urban rail transit signaling system, help speed up the pace of "going out" of high-end equipment of China's rail transit, and greatly enhance its influence in the field of global rail transit.


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