The traction system of 3000HP hybrid permanent magnet traction motor passed the test successfully


Recently, the traction system of 3000HP hybrid permanent magnet traction motor has passed all kinds of test validation tests successfully in the testing center, marking the company's innovative attempt to "permanent magnet traction + hybrid power" technology has made new progress.

Under the environment of vigorously advocating green, energy-saving, environmental protection and sustainable development, hybrid electric locomotives have become the direction and inevitable trend of low-carbon development of new energy locomotives in the future because of effectively reducing fuel consumption, reducing locomotive application costs and reducing exhaust emissions. This also makes hybrid locomotive and hybrid technology flourish all over the world. Based on this, the company has developed a 3000HP hybrid electric locomotive based on permanent magnet traction motor, which is a new concept of new energy locomotive, using a new "permanent magnet traction + hybrid" technology, is also a huge innovation attempt.

During the test of 3000HP hybrid permanent magnet traction system, the technical team solved many technical problems, such as system parameter matching, control algorithm optimization, motor initial position angle positioning, motor characteristic parameter calibration, speed limitation of inverted brake network side, and successfully completed various test indexes, which were highly recognized by customers.

It is worth mentioning that in order to make the cooling performance of the motor more superior, the test team has carried out two different water-cooled temperature rise tests for permanent magnet synchronous traction motor. The experimental results show that the cooling performance of the permanent magnet motor with inner water-cooled structure is better.

It is reported that the 3000HP hybrid permanent magnet traction motor is different from the previous air-cooled motor. The new water-cooling method is not only the first time for the whole road to be used, but also the first time for the laboratory to match this kind of test environment, which indicates that the company's test platform has gradually possessed the test capability of motor with various cooling modes.

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