Win the Struggle of Renovation of Shenzhen Metro Engineering Vehicle


In July and August, Shenzhen has the strongest heatstroke in a year, sometimes accompanied by strong convective weather such as typhoons. However, this has not shaken the determination of all colleagues of Shenzhen Metro Engineering Vehicle Delivery Project Department, which was established in May this year, to quickly solve the problems left behind by vehicles and complete the renovation, commissioning, testing and delivery of W505 and W905 subway grinding vehicles to users.

Every day, our colleagues in the project department work hard in the heat, regardless of personal gains and losses. They work overtime and scramble for seconds to work on the spot. They are often busy all day, their clothes are soaked with sweat, and they return to their residence after 10 p.m. At this time, we also need to report the daily work and problems on the spot, so that leaders can rest assured and users can feel at ease.

In addition to the external factors such as high temperature, high heat and sudden bad weather, the difficult task of the delivery of Shenzhen Metro Engineering Vehicle is more manifested in the difficulty of rectification technology and strict user requirements. One W505 grinding car has been in Shenzhen Metro for six years. Due to the long time and many new faults caused by aging of parts and components, the first-line fighters constantly overcome the difficulties of poor working conditions and difficult construction. Under the two-month high-intensity tracking and rectification, many problems of W505 grinding car have been solved. However, the renovation work of other engineering vehicles has many characteristics, such as large number of products, scattered product distribution, and many problems of failure. Front-line employees must overcome the difficulties of hot weather and long distance, and even run around two or three depots in a day to deal with the problems.

At present, under the arduous battle of Taiyuan Times Company, a large number of troubleshooting problems have been solved, more importantly, win the reputation of users.

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