TSafer-UC1000 CBTC promotion meeting was held in IREE


On October 23 local time, at the 13th India International Railway Equipment Exhibition (IREE) held in New Delhi, Zhuzhou CRRC times Electric Co., Ltd. on behalf of CRRC group held a promotion meeting of tSafer-UC1000 CBTC (Communication-based Train Control) system with full independent intellectual property rights.

CBTC system is the central control system to ensure the normal operation of urban rail transit, which is called "brain" and "nervous system" of urban rail transit operation. It is one of the three key core technologies (traction, signal and braking) of urban rail transit, mainly used to ensure train safety and improve operation efficiency. CBTC system includes four core subsystems: ATP (Automatic Train Protection), ATS (Automatic Train Supervision), ATO (Automatic Train Operation) and CBI (Computer Based Interlocking). Each subsystem of tSafer-UC1000 CBTC system not only adopts independent, unified and safe computer platform technology to make the vehicle and ground use the same platform, greatly reducing spare parts and the operation & maintenance costs for the owners, but also adopts the integrated design of "signal + traction + braking" based on CRRC's own advantages, so that the train control accuracy, ride comfort and energy-saving control have been greatly improved and in the advanced level of the industry. TSafer-UC1000 CBTC system meets the standard requirements of IEEE1744, all products are based on EN50126/EN50128/EN50129 and other standards, and obtain product safety certificate (ATP: SLL4, ATO: SIL2, CI: SIL4, ATS: SIL2). The system meets the interconnection standards issued by China Association of Metros, and supports the requirements of GoA2-GoA4 at all levels of automation, which can meet the needs of users.

Tsafer-UC1000 CBTC system is applied in Changsha metro line 4 and put into trial operation on May 26, 2019. After half a year of operation, the system runs smoothly and performs well. ETCS2 system previously released in Sweden marks that CRRC signal products cover all rail transit fields of trunk railway, urban railway, city / regional railway and trams.

The CBTC signal system promotion meeting held in India with fully independent intellectual property rights of CRRC Zhuzhou Times Electric Co., Ltd. marks that CRRC group is constantly strengthening the last short board of "going out", accelerating the promotion of CRRC's ability of "turnkey project", enhancing its international competitiveness and providing support for China's high-speed rail "going out".

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