CRRC Times Electric released "hard core technology": FORESEE condition based maintenance


On November 28, the "2020 urban rail equipment condition based maintenance technology exchange meeting" was held in Zhuzhou, Hunan Province. At the meeting, Zhuzhou CRRC Times Electric Co., Ltd. (TEC) released the "technology for smart urban rail", which helped the metro maintenance to enter a new era of condition based maintenance with "stronger security, better cost-effectiveness and higher intelligence".

Zhuzhou CRRC Times Electric Co., Ltd. (TEC) continuously creates value for users through scientific and technological innovation, Starting from the status quo of "planned maintenance " and "fault maintenance" of urban rail transit equipment, it crosses the "information monitoring" stage represented by the train ground wireless information data transmission, and the "intelligent diagnosis" stage represented by fault diagnosis and fault warning, and enters the "condition based maintenance" stage with the core of state assessment and life prediction of key components.

The "FORESEE condition based maintenance" technology of TEC has achieved a series of research results in the condition based maintenance of key components such as traction motor, converter, high-voltage part and running gear. It has realized the accurate control of vehicle operation state, interactive emergency disposal of vehicles in transit, and state monitoring and evaluation of the whole life cycle of trains. In addition, the comprehensive management of maintenance plan, maintenance execution, maintenance history, personnel and materials are carried out to guide the condition based maintenance of vehicle key components, which greatly reduces the maintenance resource allocation and human cost.

The program of building a transportation power and smart urban rail transit points out the development direction for the intelligent upgrading of rail transit industry, which is a rare development opportunity. During the "14th five-year plan" period, the overhaul requirements for all types of rail transit vehicles in China is strong, with a total of about 4400 trains. The traditional planned preventive repair and fault repair have been difficult to meet the continuous growth of operation scale, and to achieve high-quality and sustainable development of urban rail transit has become a topic of common concern in the industry.

Based on the whole large-scale system of urban rail transit, the FORESEE condition based maintenance of TEC will expand the intelligent operation and maintenance of vehicles in an all-round way based on the whole large-scale system of urban rail transit, and realize the intelligent operation and maintenance of multi-disciplinary integration in combination with electromechanical, power supply, signal, platform screen doors, public works, etc., and gradually build a comprehensive intelligent operation and maintenance system covering the whole urban rail transit, fully supporting the realization of the ultimate goal of "smart urban rail".

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