related system introduction of " FORESEE condition based maintenance "


CRRC Times Electric builds a smart urban rail digital base, provides a variety of intelligent applications including on-board monitoring, trackside detection, health management, and maintenance management, and provides one-stop smart operation and maintenance solutions.

1. Vehicle monitoring

Including train information brain, traction PHM, active train collision avoidance system, pantograph network detection system.

(1) Train information brain:

The train information brain builds a vehicle-level on-board information brain platform that has unified interfaces, specifications and standards, and function customization, and is open to third-party manufacturers. It provides modular services such as data recording, vehicle-to-ground communication, emergency processing, early warning prediction, and safety protection to support trains. Whole life cycle health management. There are unified data storage service functions for train vehicles, real-time interactive service functions between train and ground for remote maintenance, emergency response service functions for train emergencies, and early warning and prediction service functions for train equipment abnormalities.

(2) Towing PHM:

The industry's first online fault warning and status assessment method for traction motor bearings, stator insulation and couplings based on the existing control signals of the converter; filter blockage repair based on heat dissipation models and data-driven; capacitors based on online performance parameter identification , Reactor, contactor and battery fault early warning; wind turbine mechanical and electrical fault early warning based on electrical signal monitoring; technology based on envelope demodulation to evaluate the health of the running gear.

(3) Train active collision avoidance system:

Based on the multi-sensor fusion of machine vision, millimeter wave radar, and lidar, it detects trains, pedestrians and various obstacles in front of the train in real time to ensure the safety of train operations in complex operating environments. The detection results can be used for early warning or directly used as driving The control signal has the technical characteristics of long-distance detection, all-weather detection, and scalability.

(4) Tow network detection system:

Comprehensive application of high-speed CMOS imaging technology, infrared thermal imaging technology, high-precision comprehensive positioning technology, image recognition technology, etc., to achieve dynamic detection of the bow net, with the advantages of reality, efficiency, intelligence, and optional configuration.

2. Trackside detection

There are mainly trackside detection systems and intelligent inspection robots.

(1) Trackside detection system:

It consists of a wheelset dynamic detection system, a 360° image detection system, a vehicle number and end position recognition system, a comprehensive data analysis and information management system, and is installed at the throat of the vehicle entrance. The 360° image detection system realizes the image collection of the visible parts of the vehicle's bottom, side and roof, and automatic defect recognition. The wheelset dynamic detection system realizes wheelset tread abrasion detection by means of a wheelset abrasion detection unit installed on the track. It has technical characteristics such as unattended, follow-up detection, high-definition imaging, high-speed transmission, and bonding detection.

(2) Intelligent inspection robot:

It is suitable for daily maintenance and repair operations of rail transit vehicles. Through the use of intelligent robot autonomous navigation and positioning, industrial robotic arm control, 2D&3D high-definition imaging and deep learning technology, it can realize the detection of key components on the roof, side and bottom of the car, and has the right to the bogie Accurate imaging, intelligent analysis, and identification of the surface appearance of the bottom, sides, skirts and other components can realize the intelligent, standardized, refined and process-oriented operation of the daily maintenance of the vehicle, effectively solving the uneven quality of the traditional manual maintenance operation. It also has the ability to realize the automatic switching of the operation channel based on the flexible operation requirements on site, and has the functions of autonomous battery life charging and obstacle avoidance.

3. Ground application

There are mainly health management systems and maintenance management systems.

(1) Health management system:

Conveniently grasp the operating status of mainline operating vehicles in real time, and help subway companies improve operating indicators; have the full life cycle of trains, multi-system data management and backtracking capabilities; provide complete vehicle and subsystem-level health management capabilities, and provide decision-making support for operation and maintenance .

(2) Maintenance management system:

Provide full-process management, high-priced interchangeable parts, and vehicle life-cycle management for the maintenance business. Integrate data from the intelligent train inspection system and health management system to integrate train life cycle data to provide an auxiliary decision-making basis for accurate condition repair. In order to avoid over-repair and miss-repair incidents, reduce the repetitive work of operators and improve work efficiency.

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