The 2021 work conference and the sixth session of the 1st workers' Congress were held ceremoniously


On January 31, the 2021 working conference of CRRC Times Electric Co., Ltd. and the sixth session of the first workers' Congress were solemnly held! Li Donglin, secretary and chairman of Zhuzhou Institute, Liu Ke'an, general manager and Deputy Secretary of Zhuzhou Institute, Wang Xiaofang, Secretary of Zhuzhou Institute's Discipline Inspection Commission, Li Hongxin, director of Zhuzhou (time) locomotive Supervision Project Department of Guangzhou Railway Group Corporation, Liao Qinsheng, senior leader of Zhuzhou Institute, Shang Jing, executive director and general manager of CRRC Times electric, Niu Jie, party secretary and deputy general manager of CRRC Times electric, and more than 200 staff representatives from all fronts attended the meeting. Representatives from Baoji Times, Ningbo Times and Shanghai SMD employees and representatives attended the meeting through video.

During the meeting, the representatives discussed and deliberated the general manager's work report in groups, and put forward many pertinent and valuable opinions and suggestions on the content of the report. The general assembly also voted and adopted the draft resolution of the general manager's report. The party and government leaders of each department (unit) signed the letter of responsibility for management by objectives and the letter of responsibility for building a clean and Honest Party style with Shang Jing and Niu Jie respectively.

At the meeting, time electric commended the top ten excellent employees, advanced individuals, excellent professional managers, excellent teams, excellent projects, excellent suggestions and suggestions in 2020, and announced the general manager's special award.

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