CRRC-made metro train to serve the 14th National Games


The 14th National Games will kick off in the ancient capital Xi’an on September 15. The CRRC-made train for Xi’an Metro Line 14, which is called the “National Games Line”, will provide service for the National Games, responsible for transporting athletes and passengers. At the end of June this year, Xi’an Metro Line 14 was connected with the existing Airport Intercity Railway, becoming the fast track connecting the two transportation hubs of the airport and Xi’an North Station and the Olympic Center.

Xi’an Metro Line 14 is manufactured by CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles Co., Ltd. The first batch of trains arrived in Xi’an at the end of 2020. Type B vehicles are adopted as electric passenger vehicles of the Phase I project. The train comprises 6 cars (4 motor cars and 2 trailer cars), and each car is 19m long, 2.8m wide and 3.8m high. The train has a nominal capacity of 1404, and a maximum capacity of 1792. Its maximum designed operating speed is 100km/h, with a designed service life of 30 years.

As the “National Games Metro Line”, the stop attracting most attention of Xi’an Metro Line 14 is the “Olympic Center” stop. The overall concept of the station is based on the shape of the main stadium of Xi’an Olympic Center. In the key area, a 10m-high space is used to form a LED dynamic culture display dome. In addition, there are intelligent and automatic passenger service facilities inside the station, which can directly serve athletes and staff attending the National Games.

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