GMC-48JS Rail Grinding Train with Hybrid Power from Catenary and Diesel

With the maximum self-propelled traveling speed of 120km/h, GMC-48JS is able to run at a constant speed of 2?16km/h, and to grind the rail head surface by means of grinding wheel rotating at high speed, eliminate the rail corrugation, flow of rail, saddle wear, weld depression and fish scale crack, etc. Through rail grinding, it is possible to improve the effect relationship significantly between wheel and rail, improve the running quality of train and comfort feeling of passengers, and also prevent the development of rail damage, and prolong the service life of rail. GMC-48JS is composed of two working cars and one traction car. The working cars are at the two ends of train, and the tractbn car is in the middle of train. The two working car are the same in structure and thus interchangeable for use.


Main Technical Parameters of the Car

Track gauge: 1435mm Wheel diameter:  φ915mm

Axle load: ≤23t

Total power: 2,238kw for diesel generator unit, 2400kVA for power receiving of overtiead cantenary system

Minimum negotiable curve radius: 145m

Minimum curve radius of grinding : 180m

Minimum negotiable radius of coupled/uncoupled operating : 250m

Axle arrangement: working car 2-2, traction car B。-B。

Drive mode : AC-DC-AC

Braking distance: ≤800m (emergency braking on straight line,and the initial speed at brake application is 90km/h) Grinding speed : 2~16km/h

Range of grinding angle (negatvie value dose to the inside of track center rail): -70° --+25°

Control accuracy of grinding speed: 士 0.5km/h

Single grinding depth : 0.02mm-0.2mm

Maximum starting tractive force : 172kN

Continuous tractive force: 142kN

Minimum calculated speed : 25km/h

Overall dimension of vehicle: about 69050mm (coupler center) x 3240mm x 4700mm (pantograph not connected)

Clearance: In line with GB146.1 Locomotive & Rolling Stock Gauge for Standard GaugeRailways and the Interim Provisions on Clearance of High-speed Railway Rolling Stock.

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